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Mies Wiener was among the many who wrote an in memoriam after Drucker’s death. Besides praising Drucker’s charisma, she singles out her significance as a feminist describing her as ‘the founding mother of organized women’s movement’. Wiener hesitates to attempt any in-depth characterization, if such were even conceivable, for it would require ‘covering the entire history of the Dutch women’s movement’.

Wiener was absolutely right in an almost prophetic way. Writing Drucker’s biography would require a gargantuan effort, in part because the historiography of the Dutch women’s movement as a whole is still patchy.

When we consider the vast network of those who belonged to Drucker’s inner circle, who stood by her side, simply appreciated her, or were in absolute awe of her, or those instead with whom she debated, polemized, or battled wholeheartedly, we find that it covers the entire women’s movement of her days.

We intend to map out the network in a series of biographical portraits in order to develop a gradually expanding picture of the Dutch women’s movement during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

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  • Published: 30 June 2016
Last modified on 30 June 2016
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